A Note to Our Circle

This past weekend we threw a little party to reveal to us and the people we love the sex of our baby. We had it at our tiny home so it was tricky to narrow down our guest list and honestly I wish we could have invited so many more people. 

So far my favorite thing about this pregnancy has been how often I am reminded of how amazing our circle of support is. It chokes me up thinking about how many people love our little girl already. The day after our reveal I was so emotional about how many people not only came to our party but everyone that will be a part of our daughters life. 

The past three years have been marked by rough transition. Anderson became home for me in four short year. I was surrounded by so many deep, rich friendships. Leaving college and having those friends scatter across the country has been lonely. No amount of text messages or Facetime can compare to having friends across the hall or down the street. Chris and I have tried to navigate this season to the best of our ability but when two introverts lack community, the easy thing to do is turn inward. We have excelled at that! But that is not how community is built. 

Thankfully we have friends who understand our introverted ways and have extended invites and set up dinners and small outings anyway. And this new season feels like one of renewed community. I'm sure we will have less time and energy once Willow makes her arrival but I am so excited to share our sweet girl with our small but mighty circle. 

To the friends and family who love us as we are, we are so thankful for you. Your love is fierce and deep and we could not be more grateful for your consistency in our lives. Willow is the luckiest girl to be surrounded by such amazing people and we can not wait to share her with you.