Reflection on the 2nd Trimester

It is so hard to believe that the second trimester is already over! It has gone by so quickly that it’s hard for me to believe that I will be meeting my daughter in three short months.

This last trimester was marked by lots of movements, love from family and friends and about a million naps. They say the second trimester you have all kinds of energy but Willow must not have gotten that memo. I was just as tired the first trimester as I was the second. I also developed some lovely acid re flux. Tums became my best friend and if the Wives Tales are true, Willow should be covered head to toe in luxurious locks.

As bad as the heartburn was, I have so enjoyed carrying our sweet girl. I haven’t gotten sick once and I have loved learning her little personality in her movements. I am so exited to meet her but I also am sad about not being pregnant any more. I’m sure this might change in the next few months but right now I would love to be eternally pregnant.

I have also loved seeing how much love Willow will have once she makes her debut. We had two showers for her and they were both lovely representations of how important our community is. People not only showered us with gifts, but with love, support and encouragement. It was so fun to gather groups of people who haven’t otherwise been in the same room since our wedding.

Willow is the luckiest girl and we are so blessed to be able to be her parents.

Wonderful Photography done by the amazing Emma Anderson.