Rhythms of Rest

This winter I really tried to embrace the idea that even the Earth doesn't produce fruit all year long. It sounded profound at first but it became this boring, undeniable truth pretty quickly. I started to question why I hadn't realized this earlier. As a part of creation, I held myself to a higher standard than nature. I expected that I was to produce all the time and that rest was only awarded after periods of great productivity. 

What I learned in honoring nature's season of rest was that creation invites us into these rhythms with purpose. Rest wasn't something that was supposed to be done once every four months or even once a week but it was a daily way of living. I decided to start each day with rest which felt crazy frivolous at first. I thought sleep was rest so why would I need to give myself extra time right after walking up? I found that giving myself that space first thing remind my body that resting wasn't an act but a mindset.

Meditating in the morning became time for me to focus my attention on my intention for living. I wanted to walk in peace and rootedness. (I see the red squiggle on that word but I'm rolling with it. ;) It was such a restorative practice to envision my day and how I wanted to act and react to the things on my to do list. It allowed me to extend grace to myself and others as a fumbled throughout my day. I was constantly reminded of my humanness and need for apologies and do overs.

Creating rhythms of rest doesn't have to be mediation but I encourage you to find something daily that draws you back to the truth that you are part of creation. And as a result, are made for seasons of rest.