Planning for Pregnancy

I spilled the beans in my last post that my husband and I are preparing ourselves to start a family. A big part of this is finances but I wanted to look more holistically at this goal. (Surprise, I know) I started brainstorming just exactly what I wanted for our children and how I could work on these things now before they arrive. 

  1. I want to be the healthiest version of myself. This is more than just being vegan. Believe it or not there are many unhealthy ways to be vegan. I could eat Oreos and Swedish Fish all day and technically be vegan. We want to be around for our children and able to really invest physical energy into playing with them. This means eating more raw, natural foods and exercising more regularly. I also want to be a healthy pregnancy weight to reduce the possibilities of complications and more than anything, I want to change our habits so are children have a good example of a healthy, balanced diet. 
  2. To be more spiritually mature. This is huge and maybe should have been number one. Focusing on Chris and I's relationship is obviously a priority but I want us to be more rooted in the Lord as well. I want to iron out the wrinkles of what we believe so we know how and what we want to teach our children. A huge part of my spiritual formation was unlearning a lot of really harmful beliefs. I would like to lessen this blow for my children. 
  3. I want to create better rhythms of self care.  I don't mean spa days and cupcakes (Even though that can be a part) I want to have true habits of self care. I have seen friends have children and then completely neglect caring for themselves. And don't hear me incorrectly, I know having a completely dependent child will mean my needs will fade to the background. I am hopeful to nurture and maintain the spirit of self care understanding that I am best able to care for another when I am also caring for myself. 
  4. Care deeply for my marriage. I want to love Chris even more, if that is possible. We are making dates a calendar event that has significance. We are doing more spontaneous trips and soaking up as much as this 'just us time' as we can. 
  5. Lastly, I want to dream about the future. I am fully aware that having children will not complete me as a person. I want to keep dreaming about life post small child and what I want for my family.  

Calling all mamas!! What advice do you have to offer my naive and unknowing plan? What did you work on that you are grateful for or what do you wish you would have invested more time in? I'd love to hear about it below!