Pain Free Birth

I’ve been asked many times how I prepared for birth. I shared our birth story but I wanted to share how even in the chaos of a hospital transfer and fifty minute car ride; I had an unmediated, pain free delivery.

When I was pregnant people shared so much advice and wisdom from their own parenting experience and while most of it is helpful, some of it was not. I found that a lot of what people wanted to share was how painful and scary their delivery was. Especially when I told them I was planning a home birth. I heard multiple times “I could’t do that..“ “Good luck. *sarcastically*“ “Wow, you think you’ll be able to handle it?“ and while those comments may have come from a place of love and concern, they were not helpful.

I quickly took to the internet to find methods to help me have a positive delivery. I ironically found the Positive Birth Company and the online Hypnobirthing course. I know it sounds really crunch and ‘out there’ but it was so incredibly helpful in getting me to change my mindset about birth.

The online course is a series of video’s that educate you on the physiology of birth and what you can do mentally to insure that your body preforms optimally. Mainly by thinking positively about the birthing process and focusing on the task at hand in labor. I remember in our fifty minute drive to the hospital, I momentarily lost focus of my breathing and lost focus on the fact that I would soon meet my daughter. It was in that moment that I lost the connection with my body and could only focus on my discomfort. As soon as I was able to reengage my breathing and positivity, I was again able to manage the work of labor. The course also helped Chris be the perfect birth partner. He cheered me on the whole time and allowed me to focus on bring our daughter into the world.

The other thing that I did was see a holistic Chiropractor. They worked on making sure that my pelvic bones were aligned. I am confident they are the reason I had such a short labor and delivery! Willow was 8 lbs and 11 oz but I was only in labor for eight hours. They say that your first birth is the longest labor so I was incredible lucky. I could not recommend Chiropractic care more! If you’re looking for a Chiropractor in the Cincinnati area let me know!

Lastly, I had a glorious midwife who had angel hands. She applied counter pressure and it was lovely. It didn’t numb the discomfort but it turned one area of it completely off! Look it up, teach someone to do it. It was AMAZING!

The birth process is correctly called labor in my mind because it just that, hard work! I was exhausted and ready to be done for sure but I promise it did not hurt and I wouldn’t call it painful! I would go through labor a million more times. I felt so incredibly proud of my body and I was convinced I could do anything!

What helped you get through labor? I would love to hear your story!