My Year in Review

Going into the new year has always been a point of stress for me. I am never able to look back and see the positive growth, just the places in which I missed the mark. I see where I could have saved more money, lost more weight, took more time to rest, created more content and the list goes on and on. 

This year is so different. And while I did accomplished a lot this year, I think I am better able to look back and see the positives because my out look from the beginning was different. This year my goals were written down and planned. I decided what was important to me and let all the other things fall away. And while I can still see the usual list of short comings in this past year I am ready to celebrate the places in which I grew! 

This year my goal was to Live Deeply; Deeply Well, Deeply Centered, and Deeply Connected. 

Deeply Well was in an attempt to care for my body. When I started this year I had no idea what curve balls were going to be thrown my way but I wanted to cultivate an rhythm of exercise and incorporating more veggies into my diet. (HA!) Little did I know that in June of this year I would be diagnosed with an Auto immune disorder that would send me 100% into a vegan diet. Bring on the veggies! My goal in January was to incorporate one meal that was plant based, now that's all my diet is! I am just now in December mastering the exercise part of that goal but I can see true progress in my decision to care for my body. I have lost weight, I have more energy and feel better in my own skin. 

Deeply Centered was about my mental space. In January I was in a job that was draining me. I didn't have energy to care for myself, my family or the clients I served. I made a hard decision to take a pay cut to gain healthier boundaries and a more balanced work life. It was the best decision I made this year! I now come home with energy to offer my spouse and I am better able to function in all other areas as well. I don't think I was able to care for my body well when my mental space was so unhealthy. Post job change I started meditating and just taking more time to slow down. It has been incredibly life giving. I am realizing what fuels me up an allows me to be the best version of myself. I also set some hard boundaries with my bio family this year as well. This was not a part of my original plan this year but resulted in some serious balance and greater ability to maintain my mental health. Getting this area taken care of was a catalyst to grow in my other two goal areas. 

Deeply Connected ended up being the goal I didn't know I needed. At the beginning of this year this goal was about finding and fitting into a new community. It is no secret that Chris and I haven't felt a real sense of community sense moving home from college. I wanted that to change this year but all of my efforts felt like sticking a square peg in a round hole. I love to host but our gathering felt like a meeting of strangers and while I desperately wanted depth my attempts fell flat. Mid way this year it dawned on me that while I have been investing energy into relationships near by I had rich relationships that I was neglecting. When I shifted my intention to being intentional with these people I no longer felt the pressure to fit in. We still don't have a strong network of connections in our home town but my network of people whom I love and who love me stretch from coast to coast. 

This year was definitely a shift in trajectory. I feel like the person who started 2017 is not the same person who is ending it. I feel more balance, confident and whole. I am still working on ironing out my goals for 2018 and I would encourage you to do the same. Setting intentions and deciding what is important could completely alter your year. I decided in 2017 that I would live a year of purpose and I have zero regrets.

What did you accomplish in 2017? I'd love to celebrate even the seemingly small accomplishments of your year. Let me know in the comments below!