Saying No to Make Space for Yes

I have a tendency to be more excited about setting goals than I am about actually working on them. That started happening to me today so I decided to flip back through my PowerSheets prep work. This prep work that I completed in October, is what lead me to write my goals for 2018 and I was surprised by how much of it still resonated with me. Specifically this one page. 

In the prep work I was asked to outline what I wanted to say no to this year and what I was going to say yes to. 

My no list was:

No to comparison

No to trying to look the part

No to striving to fit in

No to editing my words

No to the fear of rejection

No to instant gratification


This list was a breath of fresh air. Even more than my goals, this list gave me so much freedom. I have decided to say no to these things to enable myself to say yes to the things that matter. Reading over this list released me from trying to look or act like something I wasn't.

I was better able to lean into my "yes's" when I reminded myself of my "nos."

I am convinced that our nos deserve more credit than we give them. Saying no is like weeding a garden. We have to create space for ourselves to care deeply about the things that matter. I can't just add more stuff to my plate without creating space for it first. 

I would love to hear what you are saying no to! Last year I said no to animal products, unhealthy relationships and to living my life in front of the television (maybe I'll write about that one sometime.) These decisions have helped me pursue and achieve my goals. Saying no to things you once held closely is tough work but so necessary in creating the life you want.


Self CareLindsay Short