Eating Healthy on a Budget

I hear all the time how expensive people believe it is to eat healthy. I thought the same thing until I decided to give it a shot!

My husband and I are strict budgeters. We are even more tight with our money this year as we have set some very intentional financial goals we would like to achieve before we start having children. Chris and I been vegan now for about 7 months now. There has been a lot of trial in error in our diet and our grocery budget in this time but I wanted to share my tips on how to eat vegan (or just more plant based) on a budget. 

  1. Plan, plan, plan. I did this before we were vegan and I do it even better now. It is so important to have an plan of what meals you will make each week. I do our grocery shopping on Thursday evenings because it's not busy and I like to have new snacks for the weekends when we're off durring the day. On Thursday morning I sit down and look at our week. I look ahead to see if we have meetings in the evenings or dinner plans with friends. I like to see what commitments we have and how much energy and time we will be able to invest in cooking. This information determines how many meals we need that week and what kinds of things we'll have time to make. I try to make 4-5 different dinners a week and we take left overs for lunch everyday. I plan 2-3 easy and quick meals like salad or pasta and then 2-3 more difficult, big batch meals like soups and bakes. (I hate the word casserole Bleh!) I have recently started meal planning for the whole month and it has been amazing to have it all written down ahead of time! 
  2. See whats on sale. I like to do most of my shopping at Kroger. I like their produce and I enjoy the convenience of proximity in our home. Kroger has an app that has digital coupons that you can download directly to your plus card. This works best for me because I always forget paper coupons. We also typically make a bi weekly trip to Whole Foods for bulk items or things that Kroger doesn't carry. But figuring out what's on sale and using coupons saves us so much money! 
  3. DON'T SHOP HUNGRY. An age old wisdom
  4. Stick to your shopping list. After I know exactly what meals we are having, I make a list of what all we need. I only buy what is on the list! I highlight items I have a digital coupon for and write how much I am saving so I can compare and make sure it is indeed the cheapest item. 
  5. Eat what you bought. For so long I wouldn't look at what we had in the week and meal plan accordingly. Not taking into account fatigue and stress in our week led us to eat out and throw away a lot of food. Keeping a few easy meals on hand helps tremendously to cut down on waste and eating out.

 This week at the grocery store I spent $66! It is possible to eat healthy on a budget it just takes a bit more work. What tricks have you found to help you save a the grocery? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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