First Trimester Reflection

As I near the end of my first trimester (crazy!) I wanted to give a bit of update and insight into our journey. 

Being pregnant has been the greatest blessing. Completing my first trimester while on summer break has been AMAZING! I experienced just a couple of weeks of all the time sickness but it was so nice to be able to lay in bed through all of it. I also feel like my battery is forever on low so being able to sleep when my body needs it has been the best! 

Planning for this baby feels a lot like what I would imagine training for a marathon to be like. We have been prepping for over a year; getting our finances in order, making strategic decisions about career moves and big purchases, reading all the parenting books and keeping lists everywhere about things we wish to incorporate into our parenting style. It's all been so worth it! But as we now embark upon race day, I feel like all I have energy for now is carb loading. 

We have however, nailed down a few of the bigger decisions. We have opted to have a home birth. It's exactly what it sounds like, our baby will be delivered in our home by a midwife that we have started working with. We made this decision out of a desire for minimal interventions. I have nothing against hospital births or interventions, it just wasn't what we wanted. (More about this coming later) We also have booked a birth photographer. Birth photography is becoming more and more popular but I really wanted to document this experience for my family. I am so pleased with the woman we found. We really feel like she will be a great fit for our team and I am feeling more and more confident in my ability to birth this baby. 


Cravings these last 12 weeks have been all over the place. I was just about at my year mark of my vegan diet when baby decided we needed meat. I had a real aversions to vegetables up until week 8 so I ate whatever sounded good! Now that I am feeling more myself I have settled on a vegetarian diet for the time being. I was shocked I craved animal products and if I think about it too much I will get grossed out and sad but in an attempt to honor my body and keep a low stress pregnancy, I'm not letting myself give it too much power. Now that I am eating more like myself, my cravings have been mostly just grapefruit! I can eat 4 grapefruit a day and still want more. It is craziness. I liked grapefruit before but never like this! I keep telling myself that it could be much worse but Chris is probably tired of picking up grapefruit at every turn. 

My husband is a super hero! He has been nothing but supportive and encouraging. In sickness he rubbed my back and got me water. In cravings he was constantly ready and willing to run and get me whatever I wanted. His love for his wife and unborn baby have been so sweet to witness. I can't wait to see him meet our child.


Our community has also been so supportive. Our family and friends are the sweetest in checking how I am feeling and listening to me go on and on about all that is happening right now. We are so lucky to have such amazing people to love on our little. We can not wait for him or her to meet everyone. Pregnancy has revealed so much sweetness; in our preparation, in my husband and in our community. We are so blessed.