Hosting Christmas Brunch

This is strictly about the process of hosting. No meta takeaways or deep revelations. Just me putting food on a table and creating a space for my family to gather. I hope you enjoy. 

With my parents moving to Florida this year we had to make some new traditions for Christmas. I jumped at the opportunity to host the gathering and loved every second of preparing for the day. Making things beautiful, inviting, and memorable are my favorite way to show love and what better people to do that with than my immediate family. 

For the table I found some mini jars that made perfect candle stick holders and then used mason jar candles that we have had for a while. I purchased two bunches of seeded Eucalyptus from Gia and the Blooms and bought yard of fabric to cut into squares for rustic napkins. It was a super simple and inexpensive way to make our table beautiful. 


Feeding my family is no east feet. Among us are vegans, vegetarians and those with celiac disease. Finding food we can share can be difficult but it was well worth the sweet time we shared together today. We all contributed a little something and the end result was a delicious meal enjoyed by everyone.  

I hope this season brings times of sweet community between you and your family. May you enjoy old tradtitions as well as create new ones.