6 Needs for New Moms

I have been MIA since Willow was born. I am realizing how tricky it is to not only find time to write but find mental energy to like what I create. So I thought I would ease my way back into it with a simple list. And who doesn’t like reading a clearly numbered blog list? Chance are you skipped over this intro and went straight to the numbers huh? Well let’s get on with it!

  1. Solly baby wrap.

    Life change! The first morning we were home I wrapped Willow up and was able to make a breakfast casserole! You don’t realize how much of a luxury being able to use two hands is until you have a baby. If you are currently expecting, please start practicing picking things up with your feet. It is a skill I use hourly.

    Back to the wrap! It is super simple to tie, incredibly comfortable and comes in lots of cute patterns. It’s super form fitting to her body and it keeps her in the perfect spot for me to kiss and love her while still being able to grocery shop or do whatever else I need to do. I love my Solly.

  2. Haakaa

    This was actually recommended to me by a friend and it has been so helpful. Around a week postpartum I started having some milk leakage. The Haakaa is perfect at making sure nothing goes to waste. You attach it when you are nursing or just dripping and it catches your milk without actively pumping. I like it because unlike a pump, I know its not going to increase my supply but I am still able to start storing milk for when we introduce bottles.

  3. Earth Mama Nipple Butter

    This is a MUST. So many people swore by this product before I had Willow and they were so right. I started using this on day one and I had very minimal cracking. By week two we had our latch down and I was able to stop using this on my nipples but I continued using it on her lips as a chap stick. Couldn’t recommend this more .

  4. Nursing bras and tops

    I was skeptical about this one when I was pregnant. I really tried to be as minimal with the “stuff” everyone says you need but these made life a million times easier. I only bought two bras and two tops and that was enough for me for right now. We aren’t leaving the house much so most times I am topless but when visitors came over it was so nice to be able to feed her without being exposed.

  5. A good Water bottle

    Especially for nursing Mama’s, a good water bottle is a game changer. The first couple of weeks my husband brought me my water bottle at every feeding and now I feel like every time I sit down to nurse I get so thirsty. I didn’t realize what things were important in a water bottle until after having her so her are my recommendations. Find one that is spill proof. I loved my strawed cup from the hospital but I spilled it about 15 times before I gave up on it. Also one that you can drink laying down and with one hand. Most times I didn’t have two free hands to unscrew the lid and trying to drink from pour spout reclined on the couch is tricky! This is the one I ultimately went with and I LOVE it. Who knew one could be so picky about a water bottle?

  6. A waterproof Mattress cover

    Originally purchased for my home birth, this has still been worth every penny! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve leaked, she’s peed or spit up in our bed. It was nice to have the peace of mind that our mattress was protected from it all. Also, no one tells you how much you sweat after delivery! I hope that’s not just me…

And that’s it! I have really tried to be very minimal in our baby related purchased but this is my list of nonnegotiable! What things did you find were helpful in the months after having a baby?