Gifts for your Newly Pregnant Friend

As a lover of gift giving and gift receiving I wanted to compile a list of things I have loved the last few weeks! I tried to think of things I received, purchased and wanted to purchase.

      1.Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, Early Motherhood - and Trusting Yourself and Your Body. By Erica Cohen

This book is wonderful. It walks you through pregnancy week by week almost as an updated "What to expect while you're expecting." What I like about this book is it focuses holistically on mom as a person. It offers what you can expect but also recipes for each week of pregnancy and what you can do to help any ailment you might be experiencing. Also, it's just a beautiful book! 

     2.  Pregnancy Pillow

This is one of those things I thought I would only need later on in pregnancy but I was so happy I got it early! It helped so much! My body changed so quickly and sleeping became difficult. I cannot recommend it enough!  

     3. Gift Cards or cash 

I ate out everyday for the first 7 weeks! Judge me if you'd like but the idea of preparing food or having food prepared in my home was too much for me to handle. Smells and messes were my nemesis. Being nauseous at all times of the day, there was a very limited number of foods that sounded appealing. Gift cards and cash gifts helped greatly! 

     4. We're Pregnant by Adrian Kulp

This one is for dads or partners. Chris found this book and it has been so helpful making him feel apart of the process. It give helpful tips on how he can support me and what's happening with baby each week. He has really enjoyed reading this book and I have learned a lot from the things he has shared.

     5. "How are you feeling?" Texts and calls

I was so touched when my friends and family reached out to me to see how I was doing. Let's face it, all pregnant people want to do is talk about being pregnant so offering a listening ear and being interested is probably the best gift you could get anyone! 


What would you add to this list? What did you find helpful in your first trimester or what gift did you cherish the most? I'd love you know your thoughts!